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Jubilee® constant velocity (CV) joint boot clips, in stainless steel, are needed for securing the boots that protect CV joints from contamination, retain lubricant and ensure a smooth running transmission. Just two sizes cover the full range of dimensions required. Essential for MOT legislation and also available as an assorted kit.

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Product Min.
Diameter These represent minimum recommended diameters according to the relevant standard. The fully threaded band of Jubilee® worm drive clips allows a wider adjustment range than this where necessary.
Band width Band
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
203400 Jubilee® CV Boot Clip 50mm 25 50 7 0.8
203410 Jubilee® CV Boot Clip 110mm 40 110 7 0.8
299999 Jubilee® CV Boot Clip Kit 25 110 7 0.8

Please note: All technical data is for comparison purposes only. There are many variables in each application, such as hose, ferrule and medium, which make it impossible to provide data that is universally accurate. If you have a specific application please contact us directly for technical assistance.