Logistics & Export

At Jubilee® Clips, we work hard to ensure the quality of our logistics matches the high quality of our hose clips. We apply management procedures according to our ISO9001 certification, controlling all processes so that you receive the right products on time and in perfect condition.

Jubilee Delivers

Jubilee Clips have been in high demand from the very beginning, only two years after having been patented the first clips were already being exported.  Therefore our experience in national and international logistics is nearly as long as our experience of manufacturing hose clips.

We have come a long way since we first began exporting to the Netherlands in 1923. Today our hose clamps are delivered to our distribution partners in the UK and worldwide.

Contact us for details of your local Jubilee stockist, or if you would like to become a Jubilee distributor.

Packed to Perfection

We use quality packaging to make sure your orders arrive in pristine condition. Jubilee’s clear and concise product labelling on retail packaging, including EAN barcodes, help streamline your goods-in processes and stock control.  All orders are packed and labelled according to international requirements.