Quality Without Compromise

Choosing Jubilee is choosing hose clips with unsurpassed quality and reliability.  Engineers from a multitude of different industries select us because we provide top quality products with a world class service.

Like most inventors, Commander Lumley Robinson invented the original Jubilee® worm drive hose clip because he saw a way to make something better.  It was a simple motivation and remains the motivation for our highly skilled engineers today.

We have built our reputation for quality by paying attention to every detail: through careful product design, material selection, innovative processes and by building a team of highly skilled and highly dedicated professionals.

You can trust the quality of our hose clips completely.

Our Approach

As a family business we have generations of experience in hose clips; this enables us to provide you with the knowledge and solutions you need quickly and reliably.

By understanding your individual requirements we can give you expert advice and make sure you find the right hose clips for your specific needs.

Manufactured to the Highest Standards

We manufacture our products to the most stringent British and international standards. Every aspect of performance is rigorously scrutinised including corrosion resistance, pressure sealing, dimensional characteristics and destructive tests. These mechanical, hydraulic and chemical performance assessments of our products are further verified independently before certification.

Our Original Range of Jubilee® Clips carries the BS5315 Kitemark – a sign of the highest quality and trust recognised across many industries. Our stainless steel ranges of Original Jubilee® Clips and High Torque Clips are also Lloyds Register approved for use in marine, off-shore and industrial applications.

We also assist in the design process by complying with DIN 3016 and DIN 3017 DIN stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung and is the German institute for standardisation.  Where relevant our products comply with DIN 3016 or DIN 3017 as appropriate. and SAE J1508 SAE stands for The Society of Automotive Engineers, an American organization. SAE J1508 is a set of specifications for a wide range of different clamp types. This allows designers to specify a particular type of clamp in their drawings. standards, in addition to the specifications of BS5315. We can also provide CAD models of our products to assist you with your technical drawings.

By sourcing the highest quality raw materials from trusted suppliers, using our own in-house tool-making expertise and investing in cutting edge machinery we ensure consistent top quality throughout our manufacturing processes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that being the best hose clip manufacturer also means meeting the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.  We ensure that we always employ ethical workplace practices, act responsibly in the community and minimise our impact on the environment, demonstrated by the following certifications:

Investing in People

We are committed to training and developing our team so that we can acquire new skills, learn about new technologies, fulfil our aspirations and provide you with market leading  products and solutions.

We provide several engineering apprenticeship schemes along with regular on-the-job training for all departments.