Product Quality

The highest standards, the best materials

Like most inventors, Commander Lumley Robinson invented the original Jubilee® worm drive hose clip because he saw a way to make something better.  It was a simple motivation and remains the motivation for our highly skilled engineers today.  That is why Jubilee® Clips are manufactured to the very highest standards, using only premium grade materials.

We have a good reputation for high quality and know that we have to work hard to maintain that.  We know that it is important that our products are recognised to achieve certain standards and requirements so that Jubilee® Clips can be proven to be safe, durable and reliable in any clamping conditions required by our customers.


One of the most important standards for Jubilee® is the British Standard (BSi) 5315.  This is widely regarded as one of the most stringent hose clip standards there is, with mechanical, hydraulic and chemical performance of the clip tested independently before the product passes BS 5315 and is certified and allowed to carry the British Standard kitemark.


Also very important in the world of hose clips is the Deutsches Institut für Normung standard, or DIN standard.  This standard is of German origin and is a guidance to ensure the dimensional standardisation of hose clamps.  As with the British Standard this allows designers to specify, for example DIN3017, and know that the clip will be dimensionally appropriate regardless of manufacturer.


The final standard to mention here is the SAE standard.  The Society of Automotive Engineers is an American organisation and the SAE J1508 standard specifies dimensional and other requirements for a wide range of different clamp types.  Again this allows designers to easily specify a type of clamp.  Jubilee® Original worm drive hose clips, for example would be classified as a ‘type FE’, whereas Jubilee® High Torque clips would be classified as a ‘type HD’.

Whatever standard you are working to we can offer a clamp to suit your needs.

Corrosion Resistance NSS Test

Jubilee Clips conduct Neutral Salt Spray tests (NSS) according to BS EN ISO 9227 2006. The NSS test is conducted in a sealed chamber at 35oC, where a 5% NaCl solution with a PH value of between 6.5 and 7.2 is sprayed continuously onto the clips.  The duration of time shown in this product brochure shows the minimum number of hours the clips are able to withstand the salt spray test without significant signs of corrosion (red rust formation).

It is difficult to transfer this information to a length of time the clips would survive in an application under normal environmental conditions, as these will vary from one location to the next.  240 hours is regarded by the British construction industry as the equivalent of a lifetime of 60 years in an urban outside environment in the UK.