Jubilee<sup>®</sup> Fliplock Strap Stainless Steel 200mm

Jubilee® Fliplock Strap Stainless Steel 200mm

Jubilee® Fliplock Strap 200mm Stainless Steel

Part number: FLS200SS
Range: Quick Release Straps
Material: 304 Stainless Steel For more corrosive environments this high quality stainless steel provides excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for certain marine applications, and other situations where mild steel is not appropriate.
Fastening: 7mm A/F (Flip/lock housing & slotted screw)
Corrosion Resistance (NSS Test): 1000h Corrosion tested in an accelerated corrosion environment of 5% NaCl at 35°C according to BS EN ISO 9227 2006.  See our ‘Quality’ page for details.”

Industry recommendations:

Technical specification:

Band width Recommended Torque Maximum Torque Maximum pressure Diameter
(mm) (Nm) (Nm) (Psi) (min. mm) (max. mm)
7 3.0 4.0 n/a 50 200

Please note: All technical data is for comparison purposes only.  There are many variables in each application, such as hose, ferrule and medium, which make it impossible to provide data that is universally accurate.  If you have a specific application please contact us directly for technical assistance.