At Jubilee® Clips we know that the best product in the world deserves to be accompanied by the best product support in the world.

Technical Support for users:

Whilst we have tried to provide as much information as possible on this website we know that some applications may be more specific and require special technical support.  Jubilee® Clips’ knowledgeable staff are available to help, feel free to call or emailTechnical drawings are also available in the resources page, or on request.

Service Support:

We know that if a product is not delivered on time then it is of no use at all.  For this reason we manufacture to stock, not to order, and maintain a high level of stock at all times, keeping lead times as short as possible.

Marketing Support:

Jubilee® Clips offers a range of marketing support services to our resellers, with marketing and promotional materials as well as our high quality technical support as standard.