Jubilee® Clip 1M Mild Steel 32-45mm

The most popular hose clamps in the Jubilee® Clips range, these mild steel zinc protected worm drive hose clips are ideally suited for most day to day requirements for joining hose.

Part number: 1MMS
Range: Original Jubilee® Clip
Min. Diameter (mm): 32
Max. Diameter (mm): 45
Band Width (mm): 13.0
Band Thickness (mm): 0.914
Recommended Torque (Nm): 5.1
Max. Torque (Nm): 6.8
Max. Pressure (PSi) 102
Fastening: 7mm A/F Screw
Corrosion Resistance (NSS Test): 240h Corrosion tested in an accelerated corrosion environment of 5% NaCl at 35°C according to BS EN ISO 9227 2006.  See our ‘Quality’ page for details.”

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Industry recommendations:
Suitable for use in the Agricultural sector
Suitable for use in the Automotive sector
Suitable for use in the Hardware sector
Suitable for use in the Industrial sector
Jubilee<sup><sup>®</sup></sup> Clip 1M Mild Steel 32-45mm

Quality Assurance:

  • BS5315
  • DIN3017
SAE International

SAE J1508 Surface Vehicle Standards-Hose Clamp Specifications, Type FE is referenced in the quality control methods for the design/manufacture of Original Range Jubilee Clips.