Jubilee® Mild Steel Pocket Pack

This convenient small pack contains 32 mild steel Jubilee® Clips with recommended adjustment ranges from 9.5mm to 40mm.

Also available with 304 & 316 Stainless steel Jubilee Clips, Jubilee Junior (Mini) clips or Wingspade Clips. See our Assorted Packs for more details.

Part number: PPMS
Range: Original Jubilee® Clip, Assorted Packs
Material: Mild Steel All of our mild steel clips are protected from corrosion by a zinc coating and offer excellent corrosion resistance, comparable even to some grades of stainless steel.
Adjustment Range (mm): 9.5 to 40
Quantity: 32 Assorted Jubilee Clips
Dimensions (mm): 39 (H) x 180 (W) x 150 (D)
Total Weight (kg): 0.61

Industry recommendations:
Suitable for use in the Automotive sector
Suitable for use in the Hardware sector
Suitable for use in the Industrial sector
Jubilee<sup>®</sup> Mild Steel Pocket Pack

Quality Assurance:

  • BS5315
  • DIN3017

Product specification:

Size Ref./Part No. Product Description Quantity
000MS Jubilee® Clip 000 Mild Steel 9.5-12mm 6
M00MS Jubilee® Clip M00 Mild Steel 11-16mm 6
00MS Jubilee® Clip 00 Mild Steel 13-20mm 6
0MS Jubilee® Clip 0 Mild Steel 16-22mm 4
0XMS Jubilee® Clip 0X Mild Steel 18-25mm 4
1AMS Jubilee® Clip 1A Mild Steel 22-30mm 2
1MS Jubilee® Clip 1 Mild Steel 25-35mm 2
1XMS Jubilee® Clip 1X Mild Steel 30-40mm 2
SAE International

SAE J1508 Surface Vehicle Standards-Hose Clamp Specifications, Type FE is referenced in the quality control methods for the design/manufacture of Original Range Jubilee Clips.