Jubilee 316 Stainless Steel Clip Dispenser

The Jubilee® Clip Dispenser comes with 100 316 Stainless Steel Jubilee Clips ten each of the most popular ten sizes of clip covering an adjustment range from 9.5mm up to 50mm and also includes 3 Jubilee Flexidrivers. This dispenser has a strong wire frame and can be wall mounted or left free standing ideal for a trade counter or mechanic’s garage. Also available in Mild Steel (CD100MS) or 304 Stainless steel (CD100SS)

Part number: CD100SS316
Range: Original Jubilee® Clip, Dispensers
Material: 316 Stainless Steel (HNSS) For the most corrosive environments where only the highest quality materials are adequate, including extreme exposure to salt water and chemical environments, 316 grade stainless steel is supreme.
Adjustment Range (mm): 9.5 to 50
Corrosion Resistance (NSS Test): 2000h Corrosion tested in an accelerated corrosion environment of 5% NaCl at 35°C according to BS EN ISO 9227 2006.  See our ‘Quality’ page for details.”
Quantity: 100 Assorted Jubilee Clips + 3 Flexidriver Tools
Dimensions (mm): 340 (H) x 330 (W) x 180 (D)
Total Weight (kg): 3.875

Industry recommendations:
Suitable for use in the Chemical, Food & Pharmaceutical sector
Suitable for use in the Marine sector
Suitable for use in the Oil/Gas sector
Jubilee 316 Stainless Steel Clip Dispenser

Quality Assurance:

  • BS5315
  • Lloyds Register
  • DIN3017

Product specification:

Size Ref./Part No. Product Description Quantity
000SS316 Jubilee® Clip 000 316 Stainless Steel 9.5-12mm 10
M00SS316 Jubilee® Clip M00 316 Stainless Steel 11-16mm 10
00SS316 Jubilee® Clip 00 316 Stainless Steel 13-20mm 10
0SS316 Jubilee® Clip 0 316 Stainless Steel 16-22mm 10
0XSS316 Jubilee® Clip 0X 316 Stainless Steel 18-25mm 10
1ASS316 Jubilee® Clip 1A 316 Stainless Steel 22-30mm 10
1SS316 Jubilee® Clip 1 316 Stainless Steel 25-35mm 10
1XSS316 Jubilee® Clip 1X 316 Stainless Steel 30-40mm 10
1MSS316 Jubilee® Clip 1M 316 Stainless Steel 32-45mm 10
2ASS316 Jubilee® Clip 2A 316 Stainless Steel 35-50mm 10
FLX Jubilee® Flexidriver 3
SAE International

SAE J1508 Surface Vehicle Standards-Hose Clamp Specifications, Type FE is referenced in the quality control methods for the design/manufacture of Original Range Jubilee Clips.