Jubilee<sup>®</sup>Stainless Steel Mega Dispenser

Jubilee®Stainless Steel Mega Dispenser

This latest addition to the range, the Jubilee Mega Dispenser, comes with 920 stainless steel 304 grade Jubilee Clips (92 boxes in total) covering an adjustment range from 9.5mm up to 70mm and also includes 5 Jubilee Flexidrivers.

Also available in Mild Steel (MD920MS) or 316 grade stainless steel (MD920SS316).

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Part number: MD920SS
Range: Original Jubilee® Clip, Dispensers
Material: 304 Stainless Steel For more corrosive environments this high quality stainless steel provides excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for certain marine applications, and other situations where mild steel is not appropriate.
Dimensions (mm): 480 (H) x 600 (W) x 290 (D) mm
Total Weight (kg): 32.26

Product specification:

Size Ref./Part No. Product Description Quantity
000SS Jubilee® Clip 000 Stainless Steel 9.5-12mm 100
M00SS Jubilee® Clip M00 Stainless Steel 11-16mm 100
00SS Jubilee® Clip 00 Stainless Steel 13-20mm 100
0SS Jubilee® Clip 0 Stainless Steel 16-22mm 80
0XSS Jubilee® Clip 0X Stainless Steel 18-25mm 80
1ASS Jubilee® Clip 1A Stainless Steel 22-30mm 70
1SS Jubilee® Clip 1 Stainless Steel 25-35mm 60
1XSS Jubilee® Clip 1X Stainless Steel 30-40mm 60
1MSS Jubilee® Clip 1X Stainless Steel 30-40mm 60
2ASS Jubilee® Clip 2A Stainless Steel 35-50mm 60
2SS Jubilee® Clip 2 Stainless Steel 40-55mm 50
2XSS Jubilee® Clip 2X Stainless Steel 45-60mm 50
3SS Jubilee® Clip 3 Stainless Steel 55-70mm 50
FLX Jubilee® Flexidriver 5