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JUBILEE® Clips gets ‘suited and booted’ for CV Show

Problem solved… Ian Jennings with examples of Jubilee® Clips’ new constant velocity boot clips Jubilee® Clips chose the 2012 Commercial Vehicle Show (24-26 April) in Birmingham to unveil a new product launched in response to customer demand.

The latest addition to the Gillingham-based manufacturer’s expanding portfolio is a constant velocity (cv) boot clip, which it is offering in convenient packs of 15 (10 x 40-110mm plus 5 x 25-50mm).

The world’s oldest manufacturer of worm drive hose clips, Jubilee® Clips does not deal directly with end-users but sells through a network of automotive wholesalers.

Nevertheless, the company appreciates the opportunity the Commercial Vehicle Show presents to meet truck and van operators and gain useful feedback on how its products are being used in workshops, as well as identify potential new opportunities.

Joint Managing Director Ian Jennings explains: “This event gives us a chance to talk directly to our many of our customers’ customers, so as a market research exercise it’s invaluable.”

It was during last year’s CV Show at the NEC that he and his colleagues realised there was a gap in the market for a constant velocity boot clip sold separately to additional, expensive components which are not always required.

constant velocity boot clips “Some of the operators we spoke to were becoming quite frustrated so we went back to find a solution and our new cv boot clip pack is the result,” he says. “It’s an effective solution to a specific problem and underscores our reputation as a ‘one-stop shop’ supplier to the automotive aftermarket.

“We’ve already secured our first order, which was for 500 packs, while the general feedback from visitor’s to this year’s CV Show was extremely positive.”

Jubilee® Clips’ parent company L Robinson & Co was founded by Commander Lumley Robinson RN – Ian Jennings’ great-grandfather – who took out the patent on his original worm drive hose clip in 1921; it is now widely acknowledged as a design classic.

Quality of design and manufacture, and of service in terms of stock availability and the general, ‘can do’ helpfulness of its staff, are the key attributes on which Jubilee® Clips has built its reputation. As well as standard worm drive clips, the company offers High Torque, Wingspade and Multiband variants, pincer-fixed ‘O’ clips, Juniors (nut & bolt clamps) and Superclamps (heavy duty bolt clamps), with half of its annual production being exported to overseas markets.

Problem solved… Ian Jennings with examples of Jubilee® Clips’ new constant velocity boot clips Show and tell… on duty at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2012 were Jubilee® Clips’ Joint Managing Director Ian Jennings (centre), General Sales Manager Chris Bunting and UK Sales Manager Chris Wood


Junior clips The Jubilee® Junior (nut and bolt) clip is manufactured in mild steel, zinc plated with a 7mm hexagonal head screw and is ideal mainly for securing petrol pipes, heater and small bore hoses. These useful clips offer working diameters ranging from 7mm up to 20mm (the dimension is calculated when the two shoulders of the clamp touch each other perfectly). They have a standard 7mm hexagon headed screw and provide a tightening torque of 1.2 Nm maximum. Jubilee® Juniors are supplied in stylish polybags to cater for the automotive and van trades as well as being available in a Jubilee Assortment Pack containing 165 Junior clips for use in garage stores and for presentation on busy trade counters. The Junior Assortment Pack is a multipurpose, essential fastener pack which has a transparent lid for easy identification of the contents; it is divided into 9 compartments each containing clips from sizes 7mm to 14mm. All of Jubilee’s® packs are supplied in eco-friendly re-usable containers.


Export to China Team Effort

At a time when manufacturing in the UK, and Western Europe in general, has been in decline and with imports from the Far East and Asia flooding into the west, we at Jubilee® found ourselves in the refreshing position of exporting to China. We have held a trademark there for an unbroken period stretching back at least as long ago as 1958, although in recent years there had been no direct exports to the country. The first consignment was a full container of all stainless 304 standard range Jubilee® Worm Drive Hose Clips, which were specified by name and all the staff involved in manufacturing and packing the order were very proud to see yet another container full of the British product pull away from the factory in Gillingham to be delivered to the far reaches of the globe, showing that Jubilee® is a name that is relied on for quality quite literally all over the world.

Owens Way, Gads Hill, Gillingham

Jubilee® Clips Limited have moved their operations to larger premises within the Medway Towns.

Still located in Gillingham where the business was founded in 1921 and home of Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander Lumley Robinson, inventor of the Jubilee® Clip, the new building is located on the banks of the river Medway. The site has excellent transport links to London, the coast, the Continent and beyond and is large enough to accommodate all of the five previous premises, which the company had been occupying for many years prior to the move.

Beyond the environmental benefits gained through travel and communication achieved by this relocation, the move also secures the future of the company in the face of advancing global competition.

L Robinson & Co (Gillingham) Ltd, the parent company and owners of the world famous registered trademark Jubilee®, completed the move within a year without any disruption to business or customers on any of the six continents where the product is used.


Manufactured in stainless steel for heavy-duty delivery and similar hoses, the rugged Jubilee® High Torque hose clip has twice the tightening torque of standard worm drive hose clips.

Many hose clips and clamps are manufactured in a combination of mild steel and stainless steel. The all stainless steel and ‘in line’ construction of Jubilee® High Torque however helps to make it particularly suitable for those applications where a higher degree of tightening torque and corrosion resistance is required. The design characteristics create more than twice the band tension to combat stubborn leakage problems and this also makes them suitable for high vibration applications. The breaking torque is said by L Robinson & Co (Gillingham) Ltd (manufacturers of the famous Jubilee® clip) to be comparable to conventional ‘T’ bolt clamps of equal size. The recommended tightening torque for this product is 17Nm (150 1b in).

The robust construction of Jubilee® High Torque clips makes them especially appropriate in heavy-duty applications where the general British Standard product is not suitable. Many speciality hose types such as spiral wound wire reinforced suction hoses require high tightening torque to effect efficient sealing which is achieved from the High Torque design.


Available to wholesalers and distributors targeting garage forecourts and accessory shop sales, the new Jubilee® Pocket Pack holds a useful selection of quality Jubilee® hose clips.

The small plastic reusable containers fit easily into toolboxes and are supplied strapped in packs of 10 for wholesalers and distributors and will appeal to home car mechanics and small garage businesses etc. Each pack has 6 individual compartments holding in total, 16 assorted Jubilee® worm drive hose clips in sizes ranging from 13mm to 40mm. The pack additionally contains 8 nut and bolt clips in sizes ranging from 7mm to 13mm for joining small-bore hoses and petrol pipes. Clips can be provided in either mild steel zinc plated or stainless steel options.

Designed for the automotive industry, the Jubilee® Pocket Pack is also available from the makers, L Robinson & Co (Gillingham) Ltd as an Industrial Pack aimed at smaller engineering businesses, mechanics, DIY enthusiasts and plumbers etc.

Jubilee® clips far exceed the demands of BSI in all areas and have over the years, been proven to be safe, durable and reliable in all clamping conditions.


Complex, high-tech expensive machinery can frequently be immobilized when an inexpensive component such as a hose clip malfunctions, causing considerable damage and often significantly threatening safety.

When failure does occur, the chances are that the clip will be sitting in one of those really awkward difficult to reach places, which can increase the time needed to fix the problem. Skimping on quality at the outset will frequently result in this type of unexpected scenario adding more to the cost than was originally anticipated.

In recent years the market has been swamped by a plethora of mass produced hose clips which are exported to Europe from many countries around the world and users can be forgiven for believing that all of these producers exert the same rigorous quality and testing procedures.

Jubilee® clips (manufactured by L Robinson & Co (Gillingham) Ltd since 1921), have over the years, proven to be safe, durable and capable in combating extreme clamping conditions. In fact Jubilee® exceeds the demands of BSI in all areas.

Poor quality of materials used in hose clip manufacture can result in thread stripping, difficulties with removal and replacement, premature corrosion and sub-standard crimping, causing the screw to retract from its housing during or after installation.

As an example of L Robinson’s attention to detail, continuous band serrations on a Jubilee® clip allow ongoing tightening of the clip to take place in order to achieve the required torque. A hose clip with short threads can in cases where the incorrect size clip is chosen, wrongly indicate a tight clip. A certain amount of diameter flexibility can be obtained when using Jubilee® if the correct size of hose clip is not available due to the band serrations being continuous (providing care is taken to avoid an oval formation of the clip) The positively riveted housing has a wraparound formation to allow free turning torque compatible with maximum strength, additionally ensuring that the screw and band engagement is held rigid and that it remains intact during installation. All screws have a 7mm hexagonal head and a unique crimp formation, which prevents the screw from disengaging from the band threads and housing.


As cooling systems are so important to the efficient running of modern day cars, car technicians have come to rely on the dependability of Jubilee® hose clips because the product can take a lot of abuse and stress in its lifetime.

However the aftermarket sector has been swamped by a plethora of worm drive hose clips some good, some not so good. Many of these products are mass produced and exported to Europe from various countries around the globe and you could be forgiven for believing that not all of these producers exert the same rigorous quality and testing procedures followed by their European counterparts.

The original worm drive hose clip was first manufactured in the UK at the turn of the last century. L Robinson & Co (Gillingham) Ltd the manufacturers of the trade mark protected Jubilee® hose clip, is the only one that can legally carry the established brand name Jubilee®.

To communicate this point, L Robinson relies on a quality marketing message for its product arguing that quality means reliability and to prove their point the Jubilee® clip is backed by the kitemark to BS 5315 : 1991 and manufactured under a BS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality system, accepted by the British Standards Institute.

The reliability factor helps to reassure drivers that their vehicle is unlikely to break down because of a hose clip failure. When replacement is deemed necessary however, garage mechanics can make their selection from the Jubilee® Workshop pack which contains eight of the most favoured sizes in a plastic reusable container. For trade counter display, clips can be supplied in a striking dispenser that comes with ten each of the ten most popular sizes together with a Flexidriver® tool for easy adjustment of Jubilee® clips.


The Mongol Rally covers a distance of 7381 miles across 13 countries through Europe and Asia, traversing 5 mountain ranges and 2 deserts, where temperatures will range from 40°C during the day down to sub 0°C at night.

50 vehicles will be taking part, leaving London on the 30 July. Amongst them will be a 15 year old Fiat Panda 4×4.The car has been considerably refitted for the task and will be taking along an assortment of Jubilee® clips to help when the inevitable breakdowns occur.

L Robinson & Co (Gillingham) Ltd are donating the clips in one of their well-known Workshop packs; this will prove useful with engine maintenance, which is particularly anticipated with regard to the cooling system, bearing in mind that the desert crossings will be taking place in the height of summer.

Handy and reusable, the Workshop Pack is designed to cover those occasions where hose clips may be required in various sizes for one or more simultaneous applications. Included in the pack is an assortment of mild steel zinc plated Jubilee® clips which range in size from 9.5mm up to 40mm providing a total selection of 143 clips.

There are a further two Pandas of a similar vintage running in the rally and all three will be entered under the banner of ‘Team Mongolian Job’. The charity event is supporting ‘Save The Children’ and ‘Send A Cow’ charities.

The rally culminates in Ulan Bataar in Mongolia and at the end of the event the Pandas will be donated to the poor and needy. More information concerning the Panda trio can be found on


The Seagull Trust is a recognized charity providing free canal cruising for over 12700 disabled people in Scotland each year including 1670 wheelchair users. They needed help with their winter maintenance programme and turned to premium brand Jubilee® clips for assistance.

The Trust, like so many charities has to keep a keen eye on expenditure and needs as much assistance as it can get to meet the cost of keeping its fleet of seven boats operational. The Fleet completed 1370 cruises last year and inspection carried out during the maintenance programme revealed some problems that were threatening to put a dent in the charity’s slender budget.


L Robinson & Co (Gillingham) Ltd manufacturers of the Jubilee® worm drive hose clip, were able to assist when it was discovered that two of the boats were experiencing leakage problems with piping, hydraulics and engine cooling systems.

A generous supply of stainless steel Jubilee® clips covering four different sizes ranging from 15mm up to 45mm were supplied free-of-charge to the Trust and it is likely that all seven boats, which operate from bases in Ratho near Edinburgh, Falkirk, Inverness and Kirkintilloch could benefit from the donation should future leakage problems occur. Robinson also provided a dedicated Jubilee Flexidriver® tool to assist with adjustment of the Jubilee® clips; the tool incorporates a 7mm A/F socket head together with a flexible shaft to permit access to awkwardly placed clips. These specialist tools help to avoid cuts to both hands and hoses.

David Mieras the Ratho Branch Secretary for the Seagull Trust said that “We know that as a charity we cannot always be choosey but we did want to get good quality clips that would give us durability since we did not want an early repeat of the leakage problem. We were grateful to L Robinson for their prompt attention and generosity”.

Jubilee® clips are used in many applications where dependability is paramount. Other users include the armed forces, aerospace and automotive industries and Formula 1.

Donations for the Trust can be made by telephoning 0131 229 1789 and full particulars concerning the Jubilee® range are available on the Products pages of this website.