27 March 2018

Jubilee®Clips to make a splash at IFAT 2018

Jubilee®Clips to make a splash at IFAT 2018

Jubilee® Clips will be exhibiting at this year’s edition of IFAT, the world’s leading trade show for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management, held at the Messe München from the 14th to the 18th of May. The installation, repair and maintenance of waste water systems has become increasingly important because of rising demand from growing populations, on top of an ageing infrastructure in need of repair. Although the vast majority of waste water systems remain unseen, as they are either buried underground or hidden behind interior walls and floors, the need for top quality equipment and materials is even higher than in standard installations, as access is either limited, or non-existent and thus repairs can be very difficult and costly. This makes IFAT the ideal platform for Jubilee® to display its range of high quality hose clamps, exhibiting alongside the world’s leading suppliers of waste water pipes, connections and related technologies.

The share of Jubilee® Clips’ sales being utilised by companies in the field of waste water technology has been steadily increasing over the years, as companies involved in the installation, repair and maintenance of waste water systems have come to appreciate the very high standard of clamping technology Jubilee® are able to offer.

Digging up roads and laying underground pipes is expensive, time consuming and disruptive work. Therefore all elements used, including clamps on flexible connections in the pipework will need to be highly durable, as well as leak-proof, because subsequent repairs or replacement could prove extremely costly and would cause further traffic disruption. Using Jubilee® Clips gives companies peace of mind in this respect

Renovation of down pipes is also a growing market with the housing stock from the post war boom in many countries now in need of repair. Jubilee® are the clip of choice for engineers performing less invasive maintenance work of existing pipework in these dwellings.

Related areas included in the exhibition where Jubilee® is an important supplier are street cleaning, highway maintenance, and winter road services.

Visit Jubilee® in Hall C4, stand 527