30 May 2014

Jubilee secures pole position

Jubilee secures pole position

The 2014 motorsport calendar is in full swing and once again Jubilee Clips will be used extensively across a number of series and models and at some of the most prestigious and romantic classics such as Le Mans and the Monaco Grand Prix.

This season has a special focus for Jubilee Clips as the company has reached an agreement to sponsor Amigo Motorsport driver Rob Gaffney in the single make Ginetta GT5 series.  Two classes of vehicle qualify for the series.  The Ginetta G20 is the epitome of the classic British sports car with a front engine, rear drive layout and an open cockpit; while the closed roof Ginetta G40 is a fully focused racer, with a sleek aerodynamic shape, over 200bhp per ton and a sequential gearbox; there can be little doubt that this car is built for a purpose and that purpose is racing.

If there is one thing racing drivers hate it is being beaten by an equipment failure and in motorsport, where all components are pushed to their limits, that means that selecting the right components is critical.  That is why Ginetta use the most established and reliable hose clip in the world – Jubilee®.  Amigo Motorsport’s chief mechanic Fred Marsh has years of experience and swears by them, “In all of the years I’ve worked on racing cars I can honestly say I have never been let down by a genuine Jubilee Clip, those guys have more experience than anyone in making hose clips and I can see why Ginetta specify Jubilee by brand.”

Jubilee Clips MD Ian Jennings commented on the company’s involvement in the series, “I am a big fan of motorsport, I love to see engineering pushed to the limits because going further and faster and competing for the win is what life is all about.  Motorsport is a big industry for the UK and we really demonstrate that when it comes to top level precision engineering, the UK is a world beater.  This series is a great one for us to increase the visibility of our considerable involvement in all levels of motorsport because it is one where we know that every hose clip on the grid was made here at our factory in Gillingham.”  Commenting on Amigo Motorsport Ian Jennings went on to say that; “Like our company, Amigo Motorsport is a family venture, proving that enthusiasm is more important than budget.  They’ve been very welcoming to us, with Rob’s Dad running the team and his Mum running the catering.  They’ve had some tough times recently when their facility burnt down but we were very happy to help them out with their ambitious plans.  It is easy to see that Rob is a talented driver and they are reasonably local to us.  We’ve had a lot of fun coming this far and are excited to see what the team can achieve.”

Rob’s father John Gaffney was also very complimentary about Jubilee, “Obviously I’ve known and relied on the products all my life, but the company is also very easy to deal with, we struck a deal very easily during a tour of the factory.  I can also recommend a visit to anyone who gets the chance, the engineering knowhow there is impressive and I’ll never look at a Jubilee Clip in the same way again!  They are building all of their production machines themselves on site and are right up with modern technology, with touch screens and laser inspection, in a spotless facility, it really isn’t the classic ‘metal bashing’ operation that you might expect!”

The Ginetta GT5 races are televised on Motors TV and details of the series can be found on the Ginetta website.